6 Parenting Fads That Are Ruining Your Kids

By Casey Wheeler

Parents are supposed to nurture their children, love their children, and provide for their children. But parents are increasingly falling prey to the “next big thing” in child-rearing trends. If you want to derail your child’s development and be an otherwise creepy parent, check out these six parenting fads that are ruining your kids.

  1. Over-documentation

    If you’re a parent that overshares pictures and updates about your child on Facebook, congratulate yourself. You’ve single-handedly annoyed people with your child’s very existence. News flash: No one cares about the day-to-day exploits of your child but her parents and immediate family. Milestones are important, meal times are not. Don’t prematurely ruin your kid for the world – let your kid do that for himself.

  2. Helicopter Parenting

    You know what’s creepy? When someone’s mom calls to schedule a job interview for their adult child. No one wants to hire that person, or even be around that person. Helicopter parents are those that are overinvolved in every decision of their child’s life, from clothing to college. These parents raise overly neurotic children who have difficulties with dependency and just about everything else. Do your adult child a favor and give them some space in their youth.

  3. Gender Neutrality

    First things first: Pink isn’t for girls, and blue isn’t for boys. And parents should raise their children with non-gendered toys. Girls should be encouraged to play with erector sets, and boys can learn to cook and play house. But raising your child as completely androgynous is a recipe for confusion. If your female child gravitates toward Barbies, let her choose her self-determined play. Instead of raising children not to have a gender, try flooding them with educational toys and games.

  4. Attachment Parenting

    It’s similar to helicopter parenting, but it starts younger and it’s definitely creepy. Attachment parenting is the practice of breast feeding – sometimes well into toddlerhood – inviting the child to sleep in a “family bed,” and wearing an infant in a sling attached to the body, called “baby wearing.” These three major activities are said to promote bonding, but attachment parenting raises socially underdeveloped children. Don’t treat your child like a pet – they’re a baby, not your plaything. Children must establish a sense of self and have some time alone from a young age.

  5. Nurture Shock

    It’s a parenting trend that involves protection and almost unlimited praise. Nurture shockers also encourage children to watch only “nice” television, which could be linked to a rise in bullying due to children’s cognitive abilities. These parents rarely tell their kids “no,” and consistently praise them. Similar to helicopter parents, these parents are infinitely sweet. Children of nurture shockers are more likely to have developmental issues, especially social ones. The need for constant praise and protection could spill over into adulthood.

  6. Homeschooling

    All homeschooling isn’t created equal, and your children might be at a disadvantage because of it. While many parents tout the benefits of home-based education, lots of homeschooled kids lack social skills and future educational options. This can negatively impact both quality of life and employability for adult children of homeschoolers. If you choose to homeschool your kids, make sure you’re doing it the right way, and enabling them for a bright future.