Improving Child Psychology: Learning Games and Activities For Kids!

Challenging yourself to solve problems creatively is a great way to exercise your brain. Online games allow you to strategize, visualize information in new ways, and practice how to think as well as to review information you have already learned. Electronic games are entertaining ways to make learning fun, to learn new skills, and to practice other. In games like chess or checkers, players build strategies and play against the computer or other plays to refine their abilities. Word games, such as crosswords and jumbles, improve vocabulary and reading skills. Math games practice basic and advanced mathematical operations without repetitive worksheets. Most educational online games offer immediate feedback and answers to help players learn.

Problem Solving

  • Strategy Games: Site includes strategy, learning, puzzles, adventure, and creative games.
  • Peace Corps: Take the Peace Corps challenge and solve problems to help villagers solve their problems.
  • Forest Game: Journey to the heart of Africa and learn survival and problem solving skills.
  • Problem Solving: Problem solving activities for grades 3-12 that practice the problem solving process.
  • Word Problems: Improve your problem solving skills with these word problems for grades 5-12.
  • Video Problem Solving: Word game videos for grades 3-6.
  • Puzzles: Improve your problem solving with math puzzles, perception puzzles, and other problems.
  • Problem Solving Puzzles: Word puzzles to test your problem-solving skills.
  • Chess: Learn how to play chess and play against the computer with this site geared toward kids.
  • Learn Chess: Learn the basics of chess, read articles and watch videos to improve your game, and play against others. Site is especially for kids and allows parents to monitor and approve activity.
  • Brain Games: Role-playing problem solving games, checkers, chess, and word games.

Language Activities

Memory Games

  • Memory Games: Short-term memory games, brain mazes, brain challenges, face recognition games, and other games to learn about the brain and its functions.
  • Cloud Matching: Matching and concentration games that help you learn about weather.
  • Matching: A pets matching game, as well as other fun learning games about animals.
  • Matching Words: Flip over the tiles to find each word’s matching card.
  • Matching and Concentration: Matching and concentration games to learn singular and possessive nouns and plural nouns.
  • Animal Matching: Learn about animal classification and match the animal to its classification.
  • Matching and Memory Vocabulary: Matching, finding, and memory games to practice basic vocabulary.
  • Brain Builders: Concentration, matching games, and memory games.
  • Memory and Concentration: Online memory matching and concentration games.
  • Memory Brain Games: Puzzles and flash games to test your memory. 
  • Memory Tests: Themed memory games and tests, such as food memory games and holiday games.
  • Themed Memory: Online memory tests and games with different themes, such as African culture, animals, birds, movies, dogs, and travel.

Subject Games

  • Geography Games: Map games, dance games, and quiz games about geography and culture.
  • Geographic Fun: Games to test your geographical knowledge, including quizzes and interactive games. Site also includes puzzles and action games.
  • Learning Games: Games to practice science, math, language arts, chemistry, and geography, as well as games about animals and seasons.
  • Energy Games: Puzzles, word searches, and games about energy.
  • Science Games: Games to learn about the human body, physics, and other science-related topics.
  • Ologies: Astronomy, biodiversity, brain, earth, anthropology, and other matching and exploration games.
  • Math: Fun games to practice measurement, numbers, geometry, fractions, multiplication, and geometry.
  • Early Math: An online course and games to learn basic math functions.
  • Food and Nutrition Games: Online games to learn about food, food groups, and proper nutrition.