How to Raise a Genius

Parents, caretakers, and educators all want to play a part in raising smart kids. When it comes to bright, above-average kids, some characteristics are inherent, and some are learned. Raising smart kids starts at a very young age – there are things parents can do for and with their kids from infancy to ensure that a good start is underway. Even if not every kid is destined for genius, there are still many practices that go into making sure that your kid reaches his or her full potential when it comes to smarts. The following infographic takes a look at some traits – and tips – to see what goes into making your kid a genius. Some characteristics of smart kids are more expected than others. For example, turning off the television for children under two years old can make a huge difference in boosting brain power, as can promoting plenty of good exercise when those kids get a little older. But when it comes to discovering the most important tactic for fostering a bit of genius in your kid, you may be surprised to hear the answer.

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Genius Infographic

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