Online Psychology Degrees: Salary and Job Outlook

Psychology is one of the most well known social sciences, a field that studies people in terms of individual or group interactions on a cognitive, emotional, and behavioral level. Psychology focuses on a person’s internal workings (the psyche), understanding motivations for certain behaviors, and identifying and correcting factors that interrupt a person’s mental and emotional health. Psychologists may work directly with individuals or groups, in academic settings, at medical facilities, or researching new developments and treatments.

Common Psychology Careers By Degree

With online psychology degrees, graduates pursue various types of careers. Since a psych degree focuses on people, some graduates choose positions in human resources, business, or non-profit fields, while others stay within mental health or social services.

An associate’s degrees in psychology works as the gateway for further education, or for entry-level positions such as aides at a mental health clinic or hospital, receptionist/administrative assistant roles, youth counselors, or crisis counselors.

With an online bachelor’s degree in psychology, higher paying jobs and advanced positions become more of an option. Common positions for B.S. graduates include case managers, substance abuse counselors, residential facilities workers or managers, behavior analysts, research assistants, and directors of volunteers for a local agency.

Master’s degrees and doctoral degrees in psychology open doors to advanced positions such as teaching in colleges or high schools, private counseling, agency director, school psychologist, organizational psychologist, specialized research projects, forensic psychology and public health positions.

Salaries for Psychology Jobs

Psychology salaries vary based on the type of position and the highest degree level a graduate earns. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the basic psychology salary range for assistants, technicians, and clerical psych jobs is between $27,400 and $37,800 per year. These are usually positions for bachelor’s graduates.

Annual psychology salaries rise for advanced degree graduates:

  • High School and College Professors: $55,100 to $72,100
  • Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists: $57,400 to $106,800
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologists: $102,500

Job Outlook in Psychology

The best job outlook and salaries exists for those who complete online psychology degrees at a master or doctoral level, as this gives graduates the most flexibility in career positions. Specialization in counseling, health care, or educational psychology increases the availability of employment options. With a doctoral degree, graduates can virtually qualify for any psychology-related position.

All psychology careers have an average job growth rate of 12% over the next ten years according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, master’s degree graduates face more competition for psychology positions, as they require employment under a fully licensed psychologist or PhD. The best job outlook for those with online master’s degrees in psychology is in the field of industrial-organizational psychology, working with employee assistance, motivating employee productivity, and workplace trainings.

For associate’s and bachelor’s degree psychology graduates, the positions can be more limited, but remain at an average growth rate. Most bachelor’s and associate’s graduates will find the best job outlook in research or clinical assistant roles, or in other fields such as marketing, that utilize the social scientific perspective of psychology training.