Earn a Master’s in Psychology Online

After several years of entry-level work in psychology, many graduates desire the additional status, income, and job opportunities that come with holding a master’s degree.

A master’s degree opens up new psychology careers in business, industry, schools, and research organizations. A 2007 study by the American Psychological Association found that the most popular employment settings for master-level psychologists were: individual private practice (17%); business and industry (11%); consulting firms (6%); elementary and secondary schools (6%); and group psychological practice (6%). The master’s degree is also pursued by students strengthening their candidacy for doctoral programs.

An online master’s degree in psychology can typically be completed within two years. Here are some accredited programs to look into:

  • Northcentral University has an online M.A. in psychology program with specializations in gender studies, general psychology, health psychology/behavioral medicine, and industrial/organizational psychology. Northcentral’s unique system lets students proceed at a personalized pace, and each graduate student in psychology has a one-to-one mentor relationship with a professor.
  • The University of Phoenix has an online-only Master of Science in Psychology program. It focuses on general psychology rather than clinical psychology and is not considered preparation for licensure.