Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

An online bachelor’s degree in psychology is a strong choice if you want to enter the mental health field at the entry level or if you plan to complete graduate programs in the pursuit of a high level mental health career. You can except to complete psychology bachelor’s program in four years of full time study. Although, some accelerated online programs make it possible to finish in less time. A bachelor’s degree curriculum will include general education courses and major courses at the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels in psychology, sociology, and other social sciences disciplines. This degree level can also include courses and projects that emphasis research, data collection and analysis, and clinical practice theories, in order to prepare you for graduate work or an entry-level position in a clinical setting.

Common Courses in Bachelor’s Programs

  • Developmental Psychology
    An introductory course in developmental psychology looks at the process of psychological and emotional development. Environmental, cultural, and societal factors and how they influence the course of development are closely examined.
  • Statistics
    Statistics is an important course in any psychology program. In a statistics class, you learn about statistical methods and analysis, which is critical to any research field. You will need a strong statistics background if you plan to enter graduate school for psychology, or plan to pursue another research-focused occupation, such as marketing or advertising.
  • The Physiology of Psychology
    In this class, you will learn about the human brain, its anatomy, and its physical processes. In order to fully understand human behavior, you must also understand the physiological processes behind our moods, behaviors, and experiences. This class is an important step for any psychology major planning to continue on to a graduate program in psychology or pursue a career in mental health, particularly psychiatry.

Career Options for Bachelor’s Degree Holders

A bachelor’s education in psychology has broad applications and can lead to a variety of fields from mental health to Corporate America. While most mental health positions require advanced degrees, such as master’s or doctoral degrees, bachelor’s degree holders can seek entry-level or support-based mental health positions. Human and social services are also popular fields for this degree level. For example, a bachelor’s degree can lead to a career as a psychiatric technician, case worker, or career counselor. A psychology background is also helpful in business and many graduates go on to careers in marketing, sales, and human resources in various industries.

Online psychology bachelor’s programs have broad applications, so career and income projections for professionals with this degree can vary. For example, a career in marketing can be lucrative, with marketing managers earning average salaries of $112,075. However, a career in human and social services deals more directly with mental health, but salary potential is more limited. For example, social and community service managers earn an average salary of $65,625. With a psychology bachelor’s degree, your career options are vast. It is important to research your options in depth before choosing a position.