8 Signs You Might Be A Hoarder

Call A&E: You might be a Hoarder. If your house is filled to the brim with trash, items, and pets, you’re definitely a hoarder. If you’ve got 20 storage units full of who-knows-what, you’re definitely a hoarder. And if you’re inexplicably attached to all of your stuff, you might be a hoarder. Check out these eight signs, and see if you might be a hoarder.

  1. You Don’t Throw Away Your Junk Mail

    It’s a slippery slope. It starts with stacks of mail, and pretty soon you’ve got 40 years of yellow newspapers stacked in your dining room because you’re waiting to find time to read the comics. Do yourself a favor: Get the Internet. Eliminate all unnecessary paper. Recycle it!

  2. You Have 96 Cat Skeletons In Your Basement

    Pet hoarding is really sad, and a more common problem than often recognized. The animal kingdom is lovely, and it’s easy to get hooked on the love and companionship a couple of pets can bring. Here’s the rub: If you can’t take care of all your pets, you’re hurting yourself and the creatures you love. That’s sad. Don’t do it.

  3. You Prefer The Word “Collector”

    If anyone has ever accused you of hoarding, it’s easy to make excuses. Some people are collectors, but those people also take care of and respect whatever it is they’re collecting. If you’ve got 20 boxes of stamps in the attic, but collecting stamps isn’t your No. 1 hobby, can it. Toss the unnecessary baggage. Move on without guilt.

  4. You Compulsively Shop

    Some people are de facto hoarders, and others just shop so darn much they don’t have a place to put their stuff. If you find yourself making unnecessary trips to the store (“What did I come here for again?”), making impulse purchases, or buying things simply because they’re on sale, you’re setting yourself up for a massive hoarding fail.

  5. You Neglect Yourself

    When you clutter your space with unnecessary junk, you’re looking for answers. News flash: They’re not material. Answers come from within. Neglecting to respect your space is the same as neglecting your hygiene, body, and soul. If your environment is overfilled or cluttered into squalor, seek help. It’s not easy, and it takes a fair amount of pride swallowing – but respecting yourself and your environment is first on a path to happiness.

  6. You’re Never Gonna Give. It. Up.

    You’re not being Rick Roll’d, it’s true. If the idea of letting your material possessions go incites a legit nervous breakdown, you’re probably a hoarder. There are psychological motivations behind your hesitance to downsize and declutter. Find out what they are. Pro Tip? It’s probably fear of something. What are you afraid will happen if you don’t keep all this crap?

  7. You Have Several Storage Units

    Just because you have a nice looking house, doesn’t mean you’re not a closet hoarder. Closet hoarders are people who have beautiful, clean homes, but can’t part with their stuff. They’ve often got more storage units than you think filled with furniture, antiques, boxes, collectibles, and everything else under the sun.

  8. You Have Stuff On Your Bed

    If you have to shuffle things around – things that aren’t pillows and blankets – to sleep, you might be a hoarder. If you don’t use rooms for their intended purpose, and instead they are cluttered with other things, you might be a hoarder. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Beat the mess instead!