7 Things You Really Don’t Need in Your Dorm

As the new school year quickly approaches, incoming freshman are scrambling to find the latest gadgets, most stylish bedding, and the cutest must-have dorm items. Every time you step foot in a Target, Walmart, or electronics store, you’re flooded with reminders of all the things you’re supposed to bring to college. And although many of the “classic” items are necessary, there are plenty of things that are just downright indulgent. When you’re living in a 10′-by-10′ box, there’s not a whole lot of room or need for frills. If you’re about to make the big move to college, take a look at this list of dorm room non-essentials before you do your back-to-school shopping.

  1. iPad:

    Out of all the gadgets and technology college students really need, an Apple iPad is not high on the list. Most students need a portable computer, but it doesn’t have to be the latest, most expensive tablet on the market. iPads are convenient and lightweight but let’s face it, they are more of a toy than a tool. Instead, get yourself a trusty laptop that can perform all the necessary functions needed for school.

  2. TV:

    Believe it or not, a college dorm is still a dorm even if it doesn’t have a tiny TV in the corner. A dorm-sized TV is not a necessity, nor is it really a luxury. Unless you enjoy squinting to watch your favorite shows or balancing a TV on top of the microwave, then you’re probably better off watching TV in a group media room or at a friend’s house.

  3. Landline phone:

    No matter how badly your Mom and Dad want you to have a landline phone to check in when you’re homesick or low on cash, it is an unnecessary expense. In this age of cellphones, very few people, especially college students, are using landlines to communicate. In fact, some colleges are disconnecting landlines altogether, so it may not even be an option. If you set up a landline, expect calls from parents, telemarketers, and no one else.

  4. Monogrammed things:

    In essence, monogrammed items like bath towels, bed sheets, bath robes, coffee mugs, and totes may seem like a good way to personalize your belongings and prevent a mix-up, but it’s really not necessary. For one, monogramming everything you own looks pretty tacky, and secondly, it’s expensive. Instead, just label your tags and keep track of your stuff. It’s that simple.

  5. Vacuum:

    No matter how often you track in dirt or spill Cheetos on the floor, you don’t have to use a full-size vacuum to clean it up. A handheld vacuum or a simple broom and dust pan will do the trick. Not only are vacuums bulky and expensive, but they are also problematic. If you really need a good vacuuming, chances are someone on your dorm floor can lend you one.

  6. Printer:

    College students have been conditioned to think that having your own personal printer in your dorm is a necessity, but, the truth is, it’s not. Printers are bulky and they break easily. Not to mention, ink cartridges are expensive and a hassle to replace. Many schools have a print allowance or pay-for print service that you can use instead. You’ll cut back on wasteful printing and save money not buying a printer and the ever-annoying ink cartridges.

  7. Mattress topper:

    No matter how hard you try to make your tiny dorm bed feel like home, it won’t ever be as comfortable as your old bed. Dorm beds are notoriously old, flat, and uncomfortable, and investing in a mattress topper won’t do much good. A decent mattress topper could cost you an upwards of $100 or more, and even though it may feel slightly better, you still have to deal with a cramped twin-sized bed. It’s a good idea to hold off on this purchase until you’ve moved out of the dorms and into an apartment or house with a better bed.