5 Other Top Podcasts for Psychology Majors

By: Jenna Savage

A few months ago, we compiled a list of the top podcasts for psychology majors. That list is still relevant; however, psychology-themed podcasts do not end there. In fact, there are a variety of other podcasts available to psychology majors and enthusiasts – enough for listeners to narrow down the list and tailor it to their own specific tastes and interests. Below is a list of five other top podcasts for psychology majors, which help make learning-on-the-go easy, without demanding time that can be otherwise spent on studying, doing homework, or attending to other obligations.

  1. The Psych Files. Dr. Michael A. Britt hosts this monthly podcast, which features current psychology research, information on human behavior, and discussion over theories within the field. Its goal is to increase knowledge of psychology, and to encourage students, teachers, and everyday individuals to become interested in the field. Some episodes also include interviews with leading researchers and experts.
  2. Music and the Brain. This podcast addresses the connection between cognition and music. By bringing together musicians, psychologists, doctors, and other professionals, each episode examines the role of music in various fields, including therapeutic treatment and health. Though the podcast has ended, interested listeners can download the series, which ran from 2008 through 2011. The research and information provided in the podcast are still relevant and worthwhile.
  3. American Journal of Psychiatry Audio. The American Journal of Psychiatry is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes new research relating to the field of psychiatry. The podcast covers the highlights of each issue, and delves into new developments that arise from research within the field. It’s perfect for someone who wants to stay abreast of new information within psychiatrics, but who does not have the time to read the journal cover-to-cover.
  4. This Week in the History of Psychology. Though it updates on an infrequent basis, this podcast contains a wealth of information on the development of the field of psychology over time. Episodes include discussions over psychology’s past, interviews with leading experts within the field, and information over the different movements and theories in psychology. Past episodes are still available for download.
  5. My Three Shrinks. A unique podcast that offers the voices of three psychiatrists employed within different areas of the psychiatric field, this show seeks to explore topics within the fields of psychiatry, psychology, health, and ethics. It is fairly informal, and offers opinions and a little bit of humor on new research developments. It’s perfect for someone who wants to explore psychology in an easygoing manner.