8 Deadbeat TV Dads We Love To Hate

Father’s Day is here again, and you should celebrate your father. Even if he didn’t raise you, or didn’t raise you right, your dad still deserves some love. But what about those that didn’t have a father figure? If you have an absentee father, you’re not alone. And if your dad is a mob boss or ingrate, we’ve got you covered, too. Fathers are fallible, and often portrayed as clueless idiots. We’d take issue with that fact, but there are plenty of great examples. Spend your Father’s Day ruminating on these eight deadbeat TV dads we love to hate.

  1. Anyone From 16 & Pregnant

    Especially Devon. Reality TV isn’t known for showcasing the pinnacle of parenting role models, but Devon might be the worst televised teen parent ever. He doesn’t show up to spend time with his child, completely standing the baby and mother up. He throws hissy fits for not having a say in the baby’s name (to be fair – we’d be mad if our kid was named “Nova Star,” too) after being completely absent and unsupportive throughout his partner’s entire pregnancy. Absent, immature, and childish. And we’re talking about a parent, not his child. Pro tip for teens? Wrap it up, kids.

  2. Tony Soprano

    If your dad’s never put a hit out on your boyfriend, you’ve got Meadow Soprano beat. He may be a deadbeat, but one with the power to both “dead” and “beat” his kids. Not a traditional deadbeat dad – Tony did come home between ordering killings and having sex with goomahs – but the mob boss and paterfamilias provided only financial support. Though he says he loves his kids, watch precisely how he schools A.J. at Mario Kart 64. Funny, yes. But also selfish and mean. Verdict? Zero “Cool Dad” points. Sorry about it, Tony.

  3. William van der Woodsen

    If your dad is a big, fat fraud, at least he didn’t run away from you in a helicopter. William van der Woodsen waltzes into Serena’s family life on Gossip Girl after she’s been looking for him for years. He reveals that he’s been secretly treating her mother Lily for cancer, but his motives are homewrecking at best. What a deadbeat sleaze. And if you’re a fan of the show, you probably also love to hate Rufus Humphrey. No one can blame you.

  4. Frank Reynolds

    The father of Dennis and Sweet Dee on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Frank Reynolds is a certifiably insane jackass. Does your dad sniff glue and eat wet cat food? Does your dad routinely trick you and your friends into doing his dirty work? Always looking for a way to exploit his children and their bar for a quick buck or some cheap glory, Frank is quite the card. If you’ve never spent a day tailgating the Eagles’ tryouts with your dad tripping acid, stuck in a trash can with a loaded gun in his hand, you’re probably not related to Frank.

  5. Al Bundy

    He was rude, crude, and had an attitude on Married…With Children. The dad who spent his time with his hand in his pants also spawned two ungrateful brats, and it’s no secret that their crass ways are learned behavior. Billed as a modern day Archie Bunker, Bundy was certainly not that: he cared more about smartass one-liners and insulting his family, and never challenged viewers (as his sitcom predecessor did) to dialog about difficult cultural issues.

  6. Peter Griffin

    He’s the dad of the crazy family from Quahog, and he couldn’t be more clueless and stupid. While Peter Griffin is a Family Guy, he’s rude and dismissive to his children, especially to his daughter, Meg. We came to love him in the earlier seasons, but now he’s just grating on our nerves. The jig is up, Peter Griffin. Get, um, real.

  7. George Bluth Sr.

    Pop Pop gets a treat?

    The real estate mogul and all-around uncaring father on Arrested Development brought us those wacky Bluths – and is ultimately the source of their many character faults. Bluth makes our list for being a bad businessman and a bad father, and for teaching his children lessons that involve dismembered limbs. Not to mention Boy Fights.

  8. Walt White

    Who gets the bright idea that cooking meth will help their family? The Breaking Bad anti-hero is one for the books. Consistently putting his family in danger, Walt White is genius, and definitely a badass – but he’s also definitely a really bad dad. There are other ways to provide for your family, Walt. Many other ways.